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The library of the National Institution of the Polytechnic College of the Kazakhmys Corporation was established in 2009. In 2012, the books of the information fund of the scientific and technical library of the PA “Karagandatsvetmet” were donated. Until now, the library stores sets of journals “Non-Ferrous Metals” and books on metallurgy and enrichment of 1932-33.

The library fund includes not only specialized literature on mining, metallurgy and enrichment, but also publications on chemistry and chemical technology, energy, construction, and transport.

The goal of the library process is the maximum satisfaction of the information needs of students and teachers. Reader service is the main activity of the library. The work of the college library takes into account the general library norms and rules, is guided by the requirements of the educational process of the college.

We can confidently say that our library is the largest repository of books and journals on science and technology in the city. Not only teachers and students of the college, but also workers of the plant can find a lot of necessary and useful things here. The book fund of the library is about 44,000 copies. The library is located on the second floor of the college building. The total area is 203.1 m2. Of these, a subscription and electronic reading room with a fund.

The reading room is equipped with personal computers connected to the INTERNET, users can use this network without restrictions.

Much attention is paid to the propaganda of literature, mass events are held in oral and visual form: literary and musical evenings, bibliographic reviews of books, thematic book exhibitions on the most pressing problems of our time, curatorial hours. To popularize the new publications received, open viewings of the “Information Days” are held.

The library team cares about the improvement of technological processes, the preservation and enhancement of book wealth, the external attractiveness of the library, coziness and comfort for readers.

The rules for using the library of the Polytechnic College are developed in accordance with the Model Regulations on the Library of Secondary Vocational Education. (“Regulations on librarianship in the Republic of Kazakhstan” Approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 827 dated August 17, 2000).

The rules regulate the general procedure for organizing the service of library readers, users of the reading room services, the rights and obligations of the library and the reader.


  1. Rules for the use of the library – a document that determines the procedure for organizing the service of readers and access to funds, the rights and obligations of readers and the library. Literature is given out on a subscription for a fixed period of time. The last or only copy, as well as literature available in small quantities, are not subject to issue. The period of use can be extended if there is no demand for materials from readers, or reduced if publications are in high demand.

  2. Registration in the library is made upon presentation of a document certifying the reader’s belonging to the college: for students – a student card (student), for teachers, employees and other categories of readers – an identity card. An individual reader’s form and a registration card are filled in for the reader. When enrolling in the library, readers get acquainted with its rules and confirm the obligation to comply with them with their signature in the reader’s form.

  3. Encyclopedias, reference books, dictionaries, current periodicals, rare and valuable books are issued only for use in the reading room. Books are issued and accepted strictly by inventory numbers. For each copy of the taken publication, the reader signs on the reader’s or book form. When books are returned, the signature of the reader is extinguished by the signature of the librarian.

  4. Upon receipt of books and other materials, readers carefully review the publications and, if any defects are found, report this to the librarian. Otherwise, the responsibility for damage to books lies with the reader who used the last edition. Literature for use in group classes is issued at the subscription at the written request of the teacher and is drawn up in the reader’s form against the receipt of the student on duty of the group. Responsibility for the literature received for group classes is borne by the teacher and the student on duty of the group.

  5. Readers who did not turn in books for the last academic year are not provided with books in the new academic year until the debt is repaid. For the loss of books, other printed works and other materials from the library collections or causing irreparable damage to them by underage readers, their parents or persons replacing them are responsible. Readers responsible for the loss or damage to publications replace them with the same publications or those recognized by the library as equivalent in content, and if replacement is impossible, they will reimburse their real market value.

  6. If the reader does not return the books within the specified period or does not replace them with equivalent content or recognized by the library as a priority for completing the book fund, the library sends the reader a written request to return the book. Readers who violate the rules of use or cause damage to the library bear administrative, financial responsibility in the forms provided for by the current legislation, the charter and rules for using the library.

  7. A personal file is issued to outgoing students only after the return of the literature taken on the library subscription and the library mark in the bypass sheet. Retiring college staff mark their bypass sheet in the library.

Rights and obligations of the reader

Readers have the right:

  1. Free use of the main types of library and information services provided by the library.
  2. Receive advice in the search and selection of books and other sources of information.
  3. Participate in activities organized by the library.

Readers are required to:

  1. To receive literature, present a student card (student), an identity card and sign for each received publication in the book and reader form.
  2. Take care of books, other printed works and other materials and library property, systematically carry out minor current repairs of textbooks (pasting dropped sheets, restoring torn pages, gluing book bindings, pasting paperback book bindings with adhesive tape).
  3. They are obliged to return all the publications received in the library within the established time limits.

The reader is not allowed:

  1. Visit the library in outerwear, hats.
  2. Disturb the silence and order in the library.
  3. Use a cell phone in the library.
  4. Remove books from the library without signing for them.
  5. Damage library publications and property (make notes in them, underline, tear out sheets, bend spines, etc.).
  6. Remove cards from file cabinets and catalogs.
  7. To enter without the permission of librarians in the service room and the book depository.


  1. Literature intended for use in the reading room is not issued at home.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to arbitrarily take out literature from the reading room, except for 5-10 minutes for photocopying and only with the permission of the librarian.
  3. Readers are registered in the journal of daily statistical accounting of book lending and readers’ visits to the reading room.
  4. The issuance of books in the reading room is made on a single student card (student), grade book or identity card.
  5. The issuance of books is formalized by the reader’s entry in the book form of each publication and is recorded in the visit log.
  6. It is not allowed to enter the reading rooms with personal and library books and other printed materials.
  7. The number of books, other printed works and other materials issued in the reading room is not limited.
  8. In the presence of a one-time increased demand, the number of copies issued may be limited.
  9. The reader must observe silence and order.
  10. In case of violation of these rules, readers are deprived of the right to use the library for a period determined by the library administration, depending on the degree of violation.

Rights and obligations of the reader

Readers have the right:

1. Get advice in finding and choosing sources of information. 2.Use the Internet and other information services if the library has electronic equipment.

Readers are required to:

1. To receive literature, leave a student card (student) or grade book and fill out a book form for each received publication. 2. Take care of books, other materials and library property.

The reader is not allowed:

1. Visit the reading room in outerwear and headgear. 2. Break the silence and order in the reading room. 3. Use a cell phone while in the reading room. 4. Spoil library publications and property (make notes in them, underline, tear out sheets, bend spines, etc.).

5. Remove cards from file cabinets and catalogs. 6. Enter without the permission of the librarians in the office and the book depository.

In the computer room:

  1. Users are served in the reading room mode If there are a large number of people who want to work at a computer, the time of using the equipment can be limited to 45 minutes.
  2. It is allowed to use your own audio-video media only with educational and educational materials.
  3. There are places for independent work on the computer.
  4. Students, teachers are provided with a fund of computer programs for independent work, CDs, electronic databases.
  5. Home delivery of various forms of electronic media is not permitted.
  6. The user is provided with technical assistance, advice on the rules of working with a computer.

The user has the right:

1. Receive advisory and practical assistance in the search and selection of materials on the necessary topics.
2. Receive skills and abilities of independent use of the media library, information on electronic media.

The user is obliged:

1. Take care of the provided equipment and resources. 2. Upon completion of work, the user is obliged to inform the employee of the hall about this, who will accept the issued electronic resources. 3. Carefully treat printed works and other electronic media received from the reading room fund, technical equipment. 4. Upon receipt of documents from the reading room fund, the user must review them in the presence of an employee and, if defects are found, inform the hall employee about this, who must make an appropriate note. 5.Users are not allowed to take audio-video materials, teaching aids, etc. out of the reading room.

Polytechnic College of Kazakhmys Corporation
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Working mode: 8.00 – 17.00

Saturday, Sunday – day off

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