Елена Геннадьевна

Pinevich Elena Gennadievna
Head of the design and methodological department
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Алтын Бакрановна

Suleimenova Altyn Bakranovna
laboratory assistant
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Structure of the Design and Methodological Department

The design and methodological department (PMO) is a structural subdivision of the college, the executive body for the design and methodological activities of the college.
The design and methodological department is in the administrative and functional subordination of the deputy director for scientific and educational work. The PMO includes the head of the department, laboratory assistant, chairmen of subject-cycle commissions.

The purpose of the design and methodological department:
Providing methodological assistance to the teaching staff in improving pedagogical skills in the formation of a future competent specialist. Methodological support of working conditions for teachers. Planning and organization of joint project work of students and teachers.

The main tasks of the design and methodological department
• training and development of teaching staff, improving their qualifications;
• ensuring a high methodological level of conducting all types of classes;
• preparation of methodological support for the implementation of the educational process;
• analysis of the quality of work of teachers in the mode of operation;
• bringing the methodological support of educational subjects in line with the methodological requirements for documents in the field of education, curricula and programs;
• assistance in the professional development of young (beginning) teachers;
• organization of pedagogical searches for new technologies, forms and methods of teaching;
• identification, study, generalization and dissemination of advanced pedagogical experience;
• improving the quality of training sessions based on the introduction of new pedagogical technologies;
• analysis, testing and implementation of new methodological support of the educational process;
• development of educational, scientific, methodological and didactic materials;

The main activities of the methodological service

Analytical activity:
• monitoring the professional and information needs of teachers;
• study and analysis of the status and results of methodological work, identification of directions and its improvement;
• identification of didactic and methodological difficulties in the educational process;
• collection and processing of information about the results of the educational work of the college;
• study, generalization and dissemination of advanced pedagogical experience, etc.

Information activity:
• formation of a bank of pedagogical information (regulatory, methodological, etc.);
• familiarization of teaching staff with the latest pedagogical, methodological and popular science literature;
• informing teachers about new directions in normative, local acts;

Organizational and methodological activities:
• methodological support and practical assistance: to young specialists and teachers in the period of preparation for certification, as well as in the period between certifications;
• planning and organization of advanced training of teaching staff;
• organization of participation in the work of regional and republican methodological associations, according to plans;
• organizing the participation of teachers in scientific and practical conferences, pedagogical readings, competitions of professional pedagogical skills among teachers at various levels;
• organization of master classes, seminars, competitions, subject Olympiads, student conferences, pedagogical and methodological councils;
• organizing mutual visits to classes, conducting open lessons and discussing them;

Consulting activities:
• organization of consulting work for teaching staff of an educational institution on the issues of teaching methods;
• popularization and explanation of the results of the latest pedagogical research.

Plan of the methodological department

Young professional school plan