Перизат Хаджимуратовна

Abkeeva Perizat Khadzhimuratovna

Deputy Director for Practice, Employment and Dual Education System

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Shakhova Ekaterina Vladimirovna

DSO specialist (dual education system)

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The production department, PI “Polytechnic College of the Kazakhmys Corporation” puts the development of a social partnership system as the basis of its activities, which ensures high-quality internship and assistance in the employment of graduates, and the development of a dual education system.

The main tasks of the production department:

  1. Planning, coordination, monitoring and analysis of the educational and production process.
  2. Organization of educational and production work on the basis of the State obligatory educational standards and working curricula, control over their implementation.
  3. Conclusion of contracts with enterprises, which are the basis of industrial practice.
  4. Ensuring the timely preparation of the established reporting documentation
  5. The implementation of the selection and placement of personnel for industrial training, the organization of advanced training and professional skills (internship at the enterprise) of teachers and masters of p / o.
  6. The study of modern technology and production technology, the creation of new and refurbishment of existing classrooms, workshops, laboratories.
  7. Supervision of the work of masters of industrial training, supervisors of industrial practice.
  8. Implementation of the organization and conduct of the final certification of graduates of the educational organization.
  9. Study, dissemination and implementation in practice of innovative and developing elements of education (dual system of education, block-modular education).
  10. Organization of work to ensure accounting, preservation and replenishment of the educational and material base, compliance with the rules of the sanitary and hygienic regime, labor protection and safety in workshops and in production
  11. Ensuring the preparation, coordination and submission of information, reports at the request of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other organizations.
  12. Collection and analysis of information for licensing, attestation, accreditation, college due diligence, analysis of the results of the educational process.
  13. Employment of college graduates.
  14. Fulfillment of prospective and current tasks of the director.
  15. Development of cooperation with social partners (employers)
  16. Participation together with Employers in the development of educational programs, curricula for dual training.

Education at the PI “Polytechnic College of the Corporation” Kazakhmys “on the dual system of education has been conducted since 2012, based on a modular-competence approach since 2016, and from 01.09.2021. on the basis of a credit-competence approach, taking into account the integration of levels of technical and vocational education.

The volume, content and terms of the production practice in the dual system are determined by the working curricula (agreed with the Employer) and the work schedule of the educational process. The practice is carried out in a modular way, alternating theoretical training with practical training.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, the college has 27 dual training agreements with enterprises in all specialties, on the basis of which personnel are trained.

In addition, a tripartite agreement on dual education is concluded with each college student. Contracts are registered in the register of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Karaganda region.