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Welcome to the website of Polytechnic College of Kazakhmys Corporation!

  Polytechnic College of the Corporation Kazakhmys was registered on April 3, 2009 in the Justice Department of Balkhash town, Karaganda region. License No. 0039671.

    Provides services in the field of technical, vocational, post-secondary education, training specialists with education on the basis of the 9th and 11th grades of the secondary school. Upon graduation, the graduate is given a state diploma.

  Today, knowledge-intensive industries and industries that require large investments are experiencing staff shortages in skilled workers and mid-level specialists. At all levels, the issues of training workers and mid-level professionals began to be considered.

      In the message of the Head of State “Through the crisis to renewal and development” and the taken course on the progressive industrialization of the country, the issues of training and retraining of personnel acquire special significance in the sphere of employment of the population and ensuring dynamic and innovative development of the economy.

   Corporation “Kazakhmys” relies on the postponement of staffing capacity improvement, increasing the qualifications of the qualifications in connection with the inadequate development and integration of new technologies and methods of work organization. An important place in it is devoted to the creation, development and improvement of its own educational institutions.

   By the decision of the Board of LLP “Corporation” Kazakhmys “from 16.03.2009. in 2009 the Polytechnic College of the Corporation Kazakhmys was established in the city of Balkhash.

  The training is conducted in full-time and correspondence department, in the state and Russian languages.

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