Елена Сергеевна

Aleinikova Elena Sergeevna
Deputy director of administrative and economic work
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Кумисайм Едиловна

Imasheva Kumisaim Edilovna
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Бибигуль Абеугалиевна

Akimova Bibigul Abeugalievna
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General provisions

  1. The administrative and economic department (hereinafter referred to as AHO) is an independent structural subdivision of the PI “Polytechnic College of the
  2. Kazakhmys Corporation” (hereinafter PI PTK, or college)
  3. The department is created and liquidated by the order of the director of the CHU PTK.
  4. The department reports directly to the director of the CHU PTK.
  5. The department is headed by the Deputy Director for ACS, appointed to the position by the order of the Director of the CHU PTK.
    Other employees of the department are appointed to positions and dismissed from positions by the order of the director of the CHU PTK on the proposal of the deputy director for ACS.
  6. In its activities, the department is guided by:- Bylaws of the college.- By this Regulation.- Internal labor regulations of the Private Establishment of the Polytechnic College.



  1. Administrative and economic support of the organization’s activities: maintenance of buildings, premises, equipment (heating systems, water supply, electrical networks, etc.), planning, organization and control of their current and major repairs, supply of furniture, household equipment, stationery, mechanization engineering and managerial work, organization of transport support and security.
  2. Organizational and economic management and control of the activities of the structural divisions of the organization on issues of economic services, rational use of material and financial resources, preservation of the material and technical values ​​of the school.
  3. Preparation and presentation of information and analytical materials on the state and prospects for the development of economic support for the organization’s activities, development of proposals for improving the ACS service.
  4. Improvement and introduction of new methods of labor organization, including through the use of modern information technologies.
  5. Participation in the preparation and implementation of management decisions on the administrative and economic support of the organization.
  6. Control within its competence over compliance with the sanitary and anti-epidemic regime, fire safety rules, safety standards, timely
    taking the necessary measures in identifying the facts of their violation.

7.Maintenance of the relevant documentation provided for by the current regulatory legal acts, provision of statistical and other information on the activities of the ACS in a timely manner.

  1. Solving other tasks in accordance with the goals of the organization.

Functions and responsibilities

  1. Planning, organization and control of administrative and economic support of the organization’s activities.
  2. Household maintenance and ensuring the proper condition in accordance with the rules and norms of industrial sanitation and fire protection of buildings and premises in which the organization’s divisions are located, monitoring the serviceability of equipment (lighting, heating systems, etc.).
  3. Participation in the inventory of buildings, premises, equipment in order to control their safety and technical condition.
  4. Planning of current and major repairs of fixed assets (buildings, water supply systems, heat supply and other structures), drawing up estimates of household expenses.
  5. Repair of premises, quality control of repair work.
  6. Provision of departments of the organization with furniture, household equipment, means of mechanization of engineering and managerial work, control over their rational use, safety, and timely repairs.
  7. Registration of necessary documents for the conclusion of contracts for the performance of work and the provision of services by third parties.
  8. Acquisition and storage of office supplies, household materials, equipment, inventory, provision of structural divisions of the organization with them, accounting for their expenditure and preparation of established reporting.
  9. Control of the rational use of materials and financial resources allocated for economic purposes.
  10. Improvement, gardening, cleaning of the territory.
  11. Housekeeping services for meetings, conferences, seminars and other events.
  12. Organization of transport support for the organization’s activities.
  13. In accordance with the current rules and regulations, organization of operation and timely repair of technical equipment (electrical networks, heating systems, etc.), uninterrupted supply of buildings and premises of the organization with electricity, heat, water, control over their rational use.
  14. Organization and provision of access control.
  15. Organization and control of the activities of warehouses of the administrative and economic service.
  16. Carrying out information and explanatory work among the employees of the organization aimed at ensuring the safety and maintenance of the buildings, premises and property of the organization, careful attitude to equipment and economical use of material and energy resources (electricity, heat, water, stationery, consumables, etcd.).
  17. Carrying out fire and anti-epidemic measures.
  18. Implementation within its competence of other functions in accordance with the goals and objectives of the organization.