Bodenova Altynai Zhanbyrbaevna
Head of the educational part
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Жазира Магатовна

Abitaeva Zhazira Magatovna
Office registrar
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Жадыра Манатбековна

Sadenova Zhadyra Manatbekovna
Secretary of the teaching unit
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1.1 The educational part is a structural subdivision of Chu Polytechnic College of Kazakhmys Corporation.
1.2 The educational part is reorganized and liquidated by the order of the director by the decision of the Pedagogical Council.
1.3. The academic part works under the direct supervision of the deputy director for academic and methodological work and closely interacts with the departments of the college.
1.4. The educational part of ChU “Polytechnic College of the corporation” Kazakhmys “(hereinafter college) is the center of educational work of the college, organizing and directing the educational process at the professional level by means of a wide range of attractions of the college.
1.5. The activity of the educational part is headed by the head, who is appointed and exempt from the duties of the director. During the period of absence of the head of the educational part of his duties are appointed to the secretary of the educational part.
1.6. The educational part has a round seal with the definition of its name.
1.7. In its activity, the staff of the educational part is guided by the documents, the list of which is given in Appendix A.

2. The main tasks of the educational part
2.1. Coordination and implementation of control over the educational process.
2.2. Organization of the educational process on the basis of the state general educational standards of education and working curricula, control over their implementation, and changes that are made, must have a legal basis.
2.3. Preparation, coordination and presentation of information, reports on request MOIN RK other organizations.
2.4. Collection and analysis of information for licensing, certification, accreditation, comprehensive inspection of the college, analysis of the results of the educational process.
2.5. Organization of work with the secretaries of the IA on the preparation of documentation for the defense of graduation qualification exams and projects.
2.6. Participation in the improvement of intra-college control.
2.7. Assistance in the construction of young professionals.
2.8. Participation in the organization and conduct of educational and production practices.
2.9. Execution of promising and current tasks of the director, deputy director for scientific and educational-methodical work.

3. Management and structure of subdivisions
3.1. The department is a structural unit of the college, developing a general strategy for improving the work of the organization of the educational process. Serves the operative body of management and quality control of training of specialists, attestation of students, teachers in all assessments of the level and compliance of the results of their work with the existing requirements, the implementation of this principle is based on practical experience.
3.2. The staff of the training unit of the PTC is the following: the head of the training unit and the secretary of the training unit.
3.3. The head of the educational part must have the highest education.
3.4. The head of the educational unit controls the performance of employees by their duties and given orders, observance of labor discipline, rules of fire safety and labor protection. The main activity of the educational part is the work on the organization of the educational process in the college through the operational control for the implementation of the approved schedule on the basis of working curricula of the college, improvement of all forms, types and methods of teaching the educational process. specialists, as well as existing directive documents and regulations established by the Charter of the College, the director, the pedagogical council.
– within the limits of competence carries out correspondence with the Regional department of educational process;
– provides control over the implementation of the teaching load of the teaching staff;
controls the composition and stability of the schedule of classes, tests, current and state exams;
– carries out the analysis and organizes forms of certification of boundary and final control, control over carrying out of complex testing, external examinations of quality of educational process;
– provides control over the submission of statistical reports in the accounting department of the college.
– carries out control over the issuance of orders, the conduct of personal affairs of students;
– provides control over the issuance of student diplomas, academic certificates,
student tickets, credit books, issuance of diplomas;
– carries out control-analytical activity, control over preparation and carrying out of credit-examination sessions, state examinations, analysis of examination materials;
– makes suggestions on improving the quality of teaching, improvement and organization of the educational process;
– provides analysis of the results of boundary control, control over sessions;
– provides statistical reporting of 2NC;
– Participates in the work of the attestation commission of the teaching staff.

3.5. Secretary of the teaching unit – 1 ed.
– answers for personal affairs of students;
– leads the reception, draws up and completes personal affairs of students;
– draws up and gives to the archive of personal affairs of graduates;
– keeps records of the movement of the contingent of students (admission, deduction, reinstatement, academic leave, transfers from other S UZs and from course to course);
– prints all orders and orders issued during the educational process;
– conducts control and accounting of the audit fund of the college;
– timely informs about gaps in classes, transfers of tests and exams;
– provides control over the implementation of the approved schedule of educational activities, exams;
– leads the timely replacement of educational activities in the absence of a teacher for respectful reasons, associated with illness, business trips, etc .;
– keeps a record of the work of the teaching staff;
– leads a substitute book for college students.