Order on the Statute of the Student Parliament

Position of the College Student Parliament

Protocol  №1

Plan “Zhiger” 2021-2022 academic year

Semi-annual report on the work done by OMD “Zhiger” of the Polytechnic College of the Corporation “Kazakhmys”

The Student Parliament of the KCM “Zhiger” is an initiative, independent, responsible public form of student self-government, aimed at solving the most important issues of student youth, developing their social activity, and supporting social initiatives. The body of student self-government – the student Parliament was created on the initiative of the students of the Polytechnic College of the Kazakhmys Corporation, as a permanent coordinating body to represent the interests of students.

The purpose of the Parliament of the KSM “Zhiger” is to create conditions for successful socialization and effective self-realization of young people, opportunities for students to independently solve emerging problems, as well as to promote in the versatile development of the youth of the college, in the formation of its spiritual, cultural, educational and professional education, support for student initiatives.

The Student Parliament of KCM “Zhiger” is an effective mechanism for the implementation of their ideas and ideas, it is a system that can support any undertaking and allowing social forces to bring it to the end. Therefore, if you have a desire to influence what is happening with you, with your classmates, be aware of all events and create these events yourself, the Student Parliament is waiting for you!

About the activities of the Student Parliament of the KCM “Zhiger”

1. Purpose of the Parliament: creation of conditions for successful socialization and effective self-realization of student youth, as well as opportunities for students to independently solve emerging problems.

2. Tasks of the Parliament: 1) implementation of creative activity and amateur performance of students; 2) assistance in protecting the rights and interests of students, including in solving educational, social and other issues affecting their interests; 3) assistance to the leadership of the college in solving educational and scientific problems, organizing leisure and life of students, promoting a healthy lifestyle; 4) assistance of the college in ongoing activities within the framework of the educational and educational process;

5) carrying out work aimed at a patriotic attitude to the spirit and traditions of the college, raising the awareness of students and their exactingness to the level of their knowledge, education of respect for property and labor;

6) informing students about the activities of the college;

7) participation in the formation of public opinion about youth as a real force and a strategic resource for the development of Kazakhstani society;

8) assistance in the implementation of socially significant youth initiatives;

9) joint study and solution of student problems;

10) creation and support of conditions for the versatile development of students as socially active citizens of the state;

11) the activities of the Parliament are aimed at solving other tasks, determined taking into account the specifics of the city of Balkhash and the founder of the college, Kazakhmys Corporation LLP. 3. The structure of the Parliament consists of 8 factions and the military-patriotic club “QAISAR”:

– Faction of law and order / club “SANALY URPAQ”.

– Information faction (press service).

– Faction of sports and healthy lifestyles / sports sections.

– Faction of self-knowledge and happiness (psychology) / circle “Uylesim”.

– Faction of care (volunteering) / circle “Kamkor”.